Tuesday, September 09, 2008

First Date

Now that I am a mother, I am a huge supporter of arranged marriages. So, needless to say, Nora is already "attached" to Gavin Lamb. Here is a picture of their first "date" and, as you can see, both are thrilled. :)

(We put Nora next to Gavin when Brian and Lisa came to visit us in the hospital. Gavin smiled and we caught the moment on film.)
~ Aren't they an adorable couple?!? ~


CaliforniaCoxs said...

I totally agree with the arranged marriage. It doesn't seem such a bad idea anymore. Your kids are adorable. My kids are usually in the 90th percentile or above 100. It's funny how different kids can be.

Mathew said...

I don't know if the arranged marriage is a good idea, but that's just me. Cute kids.

Lanell said...

They look so adorable together!

Lisa Lamb said...

Well you know now the Loden's & Lamb's will officially be family in 20-25 years from now! ha ha!