Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sledding in Nauvoo

First of all: Google rocks. This impromtu sledding adventure was brought about by Nate. After the luncheon for JJ and Joni, I was desperate for some sledding action. One problem: No sled. I looked around for anything that would second as a sled but nothing was around but despair and unfulfilled dreams. I was told the nearest place to buy a sled was 15 minutes away. That wasn't going to do ... no time ... I think it was Josh that recommended that we use garbage bags. Well, the caterers had plenty of those and graciously gave us 6 bags. We all raced to the hill, punched two holes in the bottom of the bags and wore them like shorts! We scaled the hill and down we went on our "boo-hineys". Very fun. Well, dad comes rolling up to the hill to take pictures and to film us, and he has a stroke of genius. The wheel cover for the spare on the back door of his van was perfect for sledding. See for yourself!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Happy Honeymooning Hunk and Honey!

JJ and Joane got married on Jan 21st. It was an awesome time to spend with all the family. We had everyone there and took a ton of pictures! This pic was taken with my trusty cellphone camera, so please excuse the grainy nature of the picture. The couple got hitched in good Mormon fashion in the Nauvoo Temple. Some of the family enjoyed sliding down some of the snow covered hills of Nauvoo on a makeshift sled and some garbage bags. Props go to Lance and Spencer, who rode down the steep hill on the spare wheel cover off my dad's van on their knees! Video to follow!

Stuck in Milwaukee!!!

Arrived at the airport and we received word that our flight is being delayed cancelled! All that green stuff can't be good. The airport gave us a coupon to use at the Best Western. I'll be posting more pictures of our trip to Nauvoo soon!

Monday, January 09, 2006

A Work in Progress: This Site is Under Construction


Raquelle loves to go see our house. She could be a CSI investigator because on more than one occasion, she has said things like "They must have worked on this spot right here because that nail on the floor has moved 3 millimeters" ... I've seen her collecting dust specimens from a pile of debris and she lifted three good prints from a light fixture. She could probably tell you the number of guys working on the house, their Social Security Numbers, and what type of flooring they all have in their own homes (from carpet samples she removed from the entryway). In other words, she is excited about every little detail and change in the house. As for me ... I'll be excited when she lets me take over the garage to put up a home theater system.  Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 06, 2006

Nice Soccer Trick

This is for all soccer loving fans to enjoy! Dedicated to Josh and Alaina! Click on the pic to go to the video. You may have to refresh your browser to get the video to start playing! ( Warning: the music that plays with this video is inappropriate. Muting your speakers will be best. So sorry!

Aide to the Aide Workers

Serving communities disrupted by the destruction of Hurricane Katrina was one of the highlights of my life last year. My church organized relief trips on multiple occassions and volunteers responded. We served in areas with extreme damage, slept in tents, and brought our own food, clothing, supplies, shelter, and in the evenings, entertainment. One of the victims of the hurricane decided to return the favor by providing food for our volunteers. The best baked beans ever! God bless her and her family. Note Red displaying his Tiger Spirit! War Eagle!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Pinnacle of Dart Success


The Mount Everest of Darts: Throwing three triple 20s in one round. The mountain climber: Nathan!!! I performed this thing of beauty playing against my dad in a game of 301. I didn't realize it, but all I needed to throw was 182. So after this round I needed a 2 to win! Posted by Picasa