Tuesday, November 21, 2006

First Semi-Solid Food ---> Strawberry Milkshake Licks

He loved holding the glass while licking its outside.

Do You Bite Your Thumb At Me? War Eagle!

Nathaniel leads his dad in some Auburn cheers! Go Tigers!


Sunday, November 19, 2006

One Happy and Mellow Baby

Nathaniel must really love his parents to let them do this to him!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Car Seat Musings

Nathaniel shares his views on being strapped down in his car seat.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Flame Throwing Robot: Hot Time on the Town Tonight

By show of hands, who in the audience has been behind the controls of a titanium-armored, flame-throwing combat robot? Just me? Perfect ... my plans for world domination are right on track.

I went to Dallas this past week for Texas Instruments MSP430 Advanced Technical Conference (ATC) 2006. In other words, "a nerd herd." We talked technology and flashed our bling (gold embossed pocket protectors) for 2.5 days. Grant Imahara, one of the 5 hosts of the popular Mythbusters show on Discovery channel, was the keynote speaker at the conference. He is an electrical engineer from USC and has done some way cool stuff (R2D2 operator, Battlebots winner, authored a combat robot design book, etc) He also did special effects for a countless number of movies while working with ILM, including Galaxy Quest. I happened to bring that movie to the conference to watch on the airplane, so I asked Grant to sign the DVD case.

Cool, huh?

There was a company attending the conference called Nuvation. They own a combat robot called Texas Heat and Texas Instruments sponsors it. The CEO of the company set up a challenge course to let attendees of the conference test their skills and compete for bragging rights. I allowed a few attendees to go ahead of me to examine what they were doing and how I could do it better. I noticed that Texas Heat was overly responsive to any movements on the transmitter stick. Many people struggled to get the robot into a position to push around the cardboard box. I figured that it might be better to start farther away from the box and accelerate towards it. My plan succeeded. Most people took at least a minute or two to complete the course. I finished in 25 seconds, less than half their times. Even the CEO of the company and one of the principal operators of the robot took 30 seconds to finish. After the competition, the CEO asked me if I worked in the San Jose, CA area and if I wanted to join the combat robot team. Droooooooollllllllllll. Raquelle, pack your bags ... We're Going West!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Shutout: Not in This House Baby

Did we ever lay the smackdown on Arkansas .... State University.

Tina's dad agrees ... The most exciting part of the game was the field goal attempt by ASU. We were trying to keep it a shutout and either the snapper or the holder obliged. The snap was bobbled and we nearly ran it back. War Eagle!
I took them to Toomer's Corner to par-tay!!!! It was fun .... nothing like when we beat Florida, but we all got several used toilet paper rolls and returned them ....

Friday, November 03, 2006

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Ok ... its been a while since I have last posted. Just a week people. So to make up, I've combed the internets, used the Google, and bring you this:

This scrabble game played recently set a few world records. Most notable is the upper right word "QUIXOTRY" Scored 365 points in a single turn.

Scary cartoon.

Our overburdened earth. Fails to mention when all our man-made satellites would fall out of orbit.

I had an Iranian visit to my blog. He was checking out my magnetic levitation video on Google video and then clicked the link to my blog.